The cost of any home is fundamentally determined by the size, the design characteristics and level of selections.

Pre Build Costs & Associated Sites Costs will also impact on your total spend and must always be considered.  Make sure they are included in your discussions, and are detailed in your quote.

Be careful what you ask for.  Many people make decisions based on this "off the cuff' comment, to find that many things are not factored in or included.  ( An example of this is when you ask a Builder, how much per square?  Generally, all of the Pre Build Costs are ignored.)

Remember, that builders are interested in building your home, and in many causes do not have the time or expertise to arrange anything apart from your home.  

This can mean that planning or build permits, energy ratings, engineering, drafting, soil tests and many other "Pre Build" expenses, are not factored in.  These are ALWAYS required for ANY new build.

Also, many things "On Site Costs" are considered your expense, and may not be included.  Connection of Services, Power, Water Storage & Tanks, Pumps, Septic Systems etc.  These can add up to $20k very easily

*Building Costs can vary greatly depending on many of the discussed aspects.  Speak to Professionals within the industry to ensure accurate information is shared.

Once, we have identified the expected Cost Feasibility of your intended Project and the benefits and impacts of First Home Owners Grants (F.H.O.G's.) or Stamp Duty Advantages, we can compare the expected costs with the associated costs of Buying an Established Home.

Certainly, at times the Established Property Market can have various sectors of the market that are great value and seem to be discounted compared to building.  In this case, perhaps Establised may be the best way for you.

Where do I go First.  To the Real Estate Agent?  The Builder?   The Bank? Do I need Land First?

Whoa, slow down!  Take a breath.  

I appreciate that you have many questions about all sorts of things.

The intention of this site is to answer the most important Question First.

Is Building a New Home even a Feasibility for me?

The idea of this site is to give you an Expectation of what you can get for your dollar.

Armed with this information, (A 3 bedder on a reasonable size block of land is going to cost me $X) you can go & speak with your bank to confirm this is right for you.

From here we can get a bit more particular about which home or which allotment will serve you best.







Do I see a Builder?

Do I see the Bank?